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About mp b r a n d s

mp b r a n d s is a brand collective and creative agency originated from meia ponta, a multiplatform about adult ballet that first emerged as a blog in 2009. Created by Carol Lancelloti, an amateur dancer and Creative Director, ten years later, meia ponta has evolved into other brands, starting several creative projects, all inspired by the dance universe.

mp b r a n d s develops new brands and serves existing brands with creative, sensitive and strategic solutions.

We create brands from scratch, develop campaigns for digital media, experiences and co-branding projects. We also develop Visual Identities, produce video and photographic content and cover major dance events, in Brazil and abroad, with an artistic and unique look.

Let’s make dreams come true!

mp b r a n d s team.

Who we are

c a r o l . l a n c e l l o t i
Amateur ballerina, creative director, communicator, photographer and passionate about listening and telling stories. Carol started talking about adult ballet on the internet when there wasn’t even Instagram. Today, she is a reference in this world and founded mp b r a n d s to help other brands find their voice.

a l i n e . t e r c e t e

 Illustrator with a passion for patterns, Aline has ventured for more than 10 years in the Textile Industry, from Producer to Stylist, from the “factory floor” to 5 continents. She is currently looking for a more sustainable path in Fashion, and works on the visual development of identities as part of the mp b r a n d s team, translating the soul of a brand into images.

What we do

  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Instagram and Social Network Diagnosis
  • Photography
  • Video

Our brands

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